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The 2016/2017 school year got off to a good start on September 9th, 2016.


Ms. Allen teacher of Class 3 left to pursue her Masters.

Mr. Hoyte took up his previous position as teaching assistant.

Mr. Roach joined the staff as Physical Education teacher to further enhance our P.E programme.

I would like to mention that Mr. Roach is a former National Athlete & Silver medalist - behind (me) at the 2006 Carifta Games. Sorry that should have read behind Yohann Blake.

There were many changes as the parents and boys converged on the compound for the new school year, some noticeable from the outside and some not.

Some of the work done include

  • A new perimeter fence
  • Major roof repairs -New tray ceilings in Classes 2 and 3 bring in more natural light, ventilation and open space.
  • The construction of four (4) additional bathrooms thus enabling each class to have its own bathroom.
  • Total cost of the above - in excess of $120,000.00.
  • Paving to the front of the school to create more parking spaces
  • The reluctant removal of the mahogany tree in the yard which was causing significant damage to the court yard and canteen area because of enormous roots
  • A 1000-gallon Water tank to feed the entire school (3 outages- no need to close the school)
  • Installation of more A/C units in the chapel
  • Purchase of significant amounts of musical equipment to further enhance our programme
  • The entire staff was trained and is now first aid certified.

Our school year in sports and extra-curricular activities was decorated with many awards and plaudits.



The boys got a bronze award and were chosen to perform at the closing GALA



  • Legacy cup 3rd place
  • Barbados Grappling Tournament 2nd place

Our boys took part in several competitions. For such a young club, the boys have quickly risen in the ranks and pulled off a commendable and pleasing second position in the recently concluded Judo Tournament held at Marine Garden.

  • 6 Gold
  • 6 Silver
  • 8 Bronze

Outstanding performers were Zarell Harding, Conner Webster, Zion Ifill, Aaron Sealy, Aymon Parris, Aaron Inniss, Michael Bend, Melvin Terence

Although there is no primary school squash competition, our school has 3 representatives of the Barbados Squash Team. Alex Stewart, Aidan Parris and Zishan Motara


Chess - Our chess team placed 5th


Cub Scouts had another fine year with our numbers increasing significantly



The boys won the zone but were eliminated at the quarter finals stage against Bayley's BUT by the persistent showers


Football - Boys placed 3rd in the zone



St. Cyprian's emerged swimming champions this school year. Outstanding performers Zane and Khaleb Gaskin, Nikolai Sisnett, Ethan Roachford and Joshua Ross


Road Tennis

Our boys officially own the title of Primary School Road Tennis kings after repeating as Tournament Champions this year. Marcus Whittington, Khaleb Gaskin, Aidan Parris & Kahlil Nurse

Internal Sport

Blue House - March Past Champions

Green House - Athletic Champions 10 years straight Pinto, Pinto, Pinto



St. Cyprian's Zone Winners/ Zone Champions 3 of the last 4 years. 3rd Overall of 76 schools

Outstanding performers - Nathan Braithwaithe, Marcus Whittington, Amari Forde, Terrell Corbin, Michael Bend

Under 9 Relay Team (Champions Relay)

Zion Ifill, Christian Mayers, Zane Corbin, Nikolai Sisnett


Champion of Champions

St. Cyprian's placed second

Outstanding Athletes - Under 11 champions

Amari Forde, Keontae Waterman, Matteo Butcher, Jordyn Adams


Our Independence concert was awesome. Some excellent performances included Gabby, Lil Rick, Gryner and more.

Our school fair was another success, reaching our $40,000 target, enabling us to cover half the cost for our repairs to our main roof and changing 2 flat ceilings to tray ceilings, the overall cost of that project was $90,000


Christmas Concert did not disappoint, Excellent performances again

We are working on creating more chapel space

We also had the return of Boys Night Out

We had a large crowd and everyone seemed to have had a good time. I did not place in the Karaoke competition but I have asked for an audit on that result.


Internal Exams and Criterion Reference Tests took place towards the end of term 3 as normal. All classes averaged above 80%, 3 above 90%

The common entrance exam took place on May 2nd. The St. Cyprian's Boys' once again showed why they are one of the most consistent boys' performers across the island.

Sending 33 boys to take the exam the results read:

  • Graydon Sealy 1
  • Coleridge & Parry 1
  • Lodge School 2
  • Foundation 6
  • Combermere 5
  • The St. Michael School 4
  • Harrison College 7
  • Queen's College 7

14 boys scored 90 and over in English. 18 scored over 90 in Maths.

18 of the boys got their first-choice school

Average for St. Cyprian's Boys' in English 87.63

Average for St. Cyprian's Boys' in Mathematics 86.18


Parents will have issues from time to time and we will not trivialize them but would love to address them. However, such issues cannot be addressed if the mode of complaint is via WhatsApp chats among parent groups.

We urge parents to kindly direct issues to the school and to understand that the institution cannot tolerate or have parents speaking disparagingly of the school and teachers especially in writing. We should hate to have to part company as a result of such negativity.

Punctuality is to be taken seriously. Parents/Guardians are urged to respect the school hours and have their sons/wards present at school in a timely manner and picked up by 5:00 p.m. the end time of Aftercare

Consideration when parking in the school yard.

The fair is our main fundraiser, which is to offset maintenance and development cost and keep school fees at a minimum. Yet there remain thousands of dollars outstanding in ticket monies, Parents returning all tickets and some parents requesting that tickets not be given to their sons. We have to do better than that. The school is also quite generous when there are siblings in the school. These concessions come at a cost.


With all, our school remains in high demand with applications numbering over 100 since October 2016. Transfer requests for each class in the school at an all-time high. Enough to fill the school up to 2019. We just do not have the space to accommodate others

  • To all Parents and boys leaving us, we wish you a successful journey and we thank you for all the memories.
  • To all parents and boys returning, we look forward to seeing you again and working to achieve even bigger and better things.

On behalf of the chairman, Board of Management, Staff, we wish you a pleasant and safe summer 2017.

God's will, we see each other on September 12th, 2017.









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2017 Valedictorian Address - Daniel W. F. Ashby

Good evening to you all. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the members of the Board of Directors, Reverend King, the Principal, Mr. Layne, the teachers and featured speaker Mr. Adrian Green.

In recognition of the support and encouragement given to us by our teachers and parents over the last eight years here, at St Cyprian's School, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you to our teachers and parents.

As I look around the room here today, I can't help but marvel at how far we have come, and how much farther we have to go.

I don't remember much about KG 1, but I imagine that there was a huge amount of crying, kind of like class 4 but instead of crying we talk non-stop, oh how far we  have come!

KG 2 was great!  We had Ms. Merrit teaching us and we got to play with toys, that, my friends is the Kindergarten version of winning the lottery. The only thing I really remember from KG 3 is rather embarrassing so I'm not going to say it...moving swiftly onto KG 4 I was caught reading in class, I'm sorry Ms. Barrow. In form 1 Mrs. Sandiford was our form teacher and Evan and I would tell her jokes every day, and she would humour us by laughing. In form 2 Mrs. Evelyn-Knight was our form teacher and we had to trek up a flight of stairs every morning. In form 3 Ms. Allen taught us that it is aunt not ‘ant'. And finally, in Class 4 we discovered we had our own Merry boys, The Mighty Gabby, Joseph Niles, Red Plastic Bag, Very Lil' Ric, Grynner and yours truly Mac Fingall. This concludes my walk down memory lane at St. Cyprians.

The theme of this speech is "My Dreams, my choices, my world."

I think that we all have the potential to do great things, but we have to work hard to succeed and that is where most people fail, lack of dedication is a problem that plagues humanity, people have the potential to change the world but don't want to try hard and I would be disheartened if any of us fell susceptible to lack of dedication.

Now I shall tell you about someone who was dedicated and achieved something great. The story is told of a young boy, who was born in February 1963; he was one of five children; of humble origins-his father worked as a General Electric plant supervisor and his mother worked in a bank. Growing up, his father taught him to work hard and to avoid the temptation of street life, and his mother taught him to sew, clean and do laundry.

This youngster loved sports, but failed to make the high school basketball team as a sophomore. However, he continued to practice and made the team the next year. Upon completion of high school, he was awarded a basketball scholarship to North Carolina.

This young man was drafted by the Chicago Bulls, which at the time was one of the poorest performing teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). His addition to this team changed the history of the team, which went on to win three back-to-back NBA titles in 1991, 1992 & 1993, a feat, which was repeated in 1996,1997 & 1998.

His personal resume is equally as impressive and includes

1982- Named Atlantic Coast Rookie of the Year.

1988- Defensive player of the year

1990 - Olympic Gold medalist as part of the USA Dream Team

He also copped six NBA finals Most Valuable Player awards

His Airness, #23, Michael Jordan, is one of the most successful, popular and wealthy athletes in college, Olympic and professional sports history, with an estimated net worth according to Forbes of 1.31 billion US $.

His story captures our theme, of having a dream and working hard to make it a reality. His dream was to be successful, and although he did not make the school's basketball team initially, he was not deterred but resolved to improve on past performances, and make the grade. In so doing he also had to make choices- choices between working hard to improve his game and resisting the attraction of street life.

Who knows how many more Michael Jordans, Walt Disneys, Brian Laras, Usain Bolts, Sir Garfield Sobers, Ben Carsons, Rihannas and Barack Obamas there are- these are all people who also had dreams of doing big things and pursued them to the fullest.

Making dreams into reality to me means, that we first have to dream, and not be afraid of dreaming and dreaming big. Then we have to make up our minds that we will not be deterred by the people around us who will say "we can't". If our minds can conceive it we can achieve it.

So, in the words of Barack Obama (2008) & Bob the Builder- "Yes we can".


If Albert Ellis is to be believed, the best years of our lives, will be the ones in which we decide that our problems are our own. We do not get to lay the blame on our mothers, the ecology or the president. It will be when we realize that we control our own destiny.

Class of 2017, I urge you to go out there, follow your dreams, change the world and make a difference. Stay in school, don't do drugs, trust in God.

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2017 Barbados Secondary School's Entrance Examination


School placings are listed below..



Queen's College


Harrison College


Christ Church Foundation




The St. Michael School

The Lodge School


Coleridge & Parry


Gradon Sealy Secondary


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NIFCA Performing Arts


St. Cyprian's Preparatory Boys' were presented with a Bronze Award at the 2016 NIFCA Performing Arts Music Festival.

Congrats to the boys.

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Teachers Attending A First-Aid Course 



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Chess Club

Chess classes are conducted by Mr. Farley, the Chess Coach attached to the National Sports Council

Pawn Promoted to Queen Lowly Pawn promoted to Powerful

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Contact us for additional information and dates about activities we offer.